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INTERVIEW HIGHLIGHTS- The Morning Dew - JOHN O”CONNOR Custys music shop

February 21, 2021

John O Connor of Custy’s Traditional Music Shop gives us a glimpse as to why Custy’s is a household name at home and abroad. From the importance of music filling O ‘Connell St., to a deep appreciation and integrity for our music and musicians, John shares wonderful stories from the shop and much more with Cli on The Morning Dew.

The Morning Dew presents the best of Irish traditional music and song along with unique live interviews with artists about their musical journey, creative projects and  relevant issues relating to the changing landscape during covid. Scariff Bay Community Radio supporting the traditional arts. Broadcast Sunday 21st February 2021. Full version of show will be available on mixcloud shortly

Producer/Presenter "The Morning Dew" 

Scariff Bay Community Radio.

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